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We, Geert van de Laak and Wilma Verhaegh came from the Netherlands on 19 January 2007 to start a new adventure in Southland. We were used to have a rose nursery in the Netherlands for eight years. We immigrated to New Zealand for several reasons. One of the most important reasons is that there are greater opportunities to fulfil our dreams and goals.

 Geert and Wilma ran a rose business for almost a decade in the Netherlands. We grew bush roses, standard roses, standard willows and some conifers. We grew the roses for export. We never knew what happened to all the roses we used to grow over there as the middle man arranged the sales to the stores overseas.

 Here in New Zealand we will be able to sell the roses for wholesale, retail and export.  

We think that it is necessary to have a good-looking and quality product. Our aim in our business is quality and service. “We like to grow!”

Finally, we are really enjoying living in New Zealand and we are looking forward what life will bring us here!


Geert and Wilma


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