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When do I need to order roses?
Anytime. However, we recommend ordering quite early in the year to avoid disappointment of varieties being sold out by the time winter comes 
Which options do I have for ordering?
You can order the roses by visiting us, in the Rose Garden. Or you can order by normal mail, e-mail, by calling/fax or via the website.
Shall I list some substitutes to my order?
Yes, at the time of ordering please list some acceptable substitutes of your choice. Substitutes will not be sent unless you have indicated this on your order form.
When and how do I need to pay?
After stocktaking in early January confirmation/invoices will be sent. Please pay as indicated on the invoice.
Without receiving of payment, roses will not be sent!
We accept cheque, Visa/Mastercard, Eftpos or cash.
Note: supply is dependent on quality and quantity at lifting time in every case.
Can I receive a discount if I would like to order more roses?
The following discounts apply only when an initial order is placed, as discounts are not cumulative.    
    Less 5% discount for 10-19 roses
    Less 10% discount for 20 or more roses
When may I expect to receive my roses?
We start sending Bare Rooted roses from the beginning of June till the end of September. Potted Roses will be sent during the entire year.
How will the roses be delivered?
All roses are couriered to your home as BARE-ROOTED plants, which are safely packed in boxes. We ship to all New Zealand destinations.
Could I also order potted roses?
During winter time we only send roses away bare-rooted. In early spring we can send roses in pots, but this will only be possible for a small number of roses. Later in the season we will be selling potted roses, but then you have to collect them from our nursery.
What is the price of potted roses?
$21.00 each included G.S.T.

Do you have a colour catalogue?
We do have colour catalogues for sale. These are $15 each. The private catalogue is for free, but are without photos.

Where do you send the roses to?
We send roses nationwide.

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